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velcro base multi use led beacon

Rechargeable Beacon Light - Kit-A (red LED) can be mounted on any loop-side patch area on gear/apparel via its hook mount. Included loop adhesive portion also allows mounting on drones, vehicles, etc. and curved base is ideal for helmets. Add bright 100 Lumen visibility for bike/moto, jogging, hiking, or boating and for pro use like police, military, agency and industrial. One-button control cycles constant to 3 independent blinking/intensity modes. Constant mode is usable for reading maps, etc. (red light good for eyes' night vision.) If mounted facing to packs/bags interiors, these are a unique illumination of bag contents. Spun in the air on any cord as illustrated, these create a large, bright circular signal; a great option for rescue or rallying purposes. The side loops keep the light oriented to the observer without twisting away on the cord.

The kit centers around the light-core (micro-USB rechargeable lithium ion battery, multi-LED array circuit, lens and controls) in a heat-dissipating aluminum body. The core loads in/out of a protective hook-backed light-boot which protects it and allows switching cores between mounts. So you can have multiple mounts and just move the core between them. An optional rubber boot/hardware allows the core to be mounted onto our packs/bags' Hard Point® ports (available in BL-Kit-B which also includes the core). This will be ideal for Hazard 4® shell packs such as as the Pillbox®Grill, etc. When mounting this unit to our packs and bags, the loop function is still retained as illustrated, since carabiners, cords/bungees can be passed through the base's loops.

The LED core takes about 1.5 hours to charge (depending on power source) for apx. 8 hours of flash signal at max bright (at low battery mode it will only flash.) The weatherized center-logo is the power/control button and the flanking led indicators show charging/charged/low-power states. It is easy to press but the rubber raised edge prevents inadvertent presses and protects the lens as much as possible.

**Kit only comes with 1x light**


_ use as safety lights for night hikes and runs, etc.

_ single button in center powers light on/off; click    once to turn on, press and hold to turn off.

_ continuous clicks to the center button while turned    on, controls blink frequency and light brightness.

_ light is rechargeable via USB with included cable.

_ clip/strap anywhere with hook and loop mount.

_ see separately sold Kit B for rubber boot & hardware    for mounting onto HardPoint® ports.

_ battery type: rechargeable lithium polymer (3.7V)


_ 1x Beacon Light base (BL-B)

_ 1x Hook-backed light-boot (BL-V)

_ 1x Loop-side sticker

_ 1x Micro USB charge cable

Specs & Dims

External Size Package Dimensions: ~3.1" L x 2.2" W x 1.4" D (7.9 x 5.6 x 3.5 cm)

Product Weight Total Package Weight: ~2.1 oz (59.5 grams)

Light Output 100 Lumens

Care Instructions See product tag

Design Simi Valley, California - In-House Team.

Manufacturing Imported