Civilian Lab® Mechanic™

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cotton under-vest t

Made out of 100% cotton, the Big Softie™ is a simpler, more traditional version of our popular Battle-T™ with the same i.d. patch capability. The arms are trimmed in soft/stretchy ribbing and have fuzzy loop panels for the i.d./flag patches etc. required by most agencies. A non-itch silk-screened size tag ensures comfort, while small subdued external tags ensure a professional/institutional presentation. They are recommended for warm weather use by military, police, rescue teams, private security, paramedics, and teams who need to show i.d. on the arms and prefer to move patches between washes rather than patching multiple shirts. Another simple but progressive innovation from the design team at Hazard 4®.


_ soft fuzzy loop arm panels for i.d. patches
_ comfortable 100% cotton
_ silk-screened inner no-itch label for comfort
_ a simpler, more traditional version of the Battle-T™ w/ same i.d. patch capability
_ sleeve patch areas: ~5" L x 4" W (12.7 x 10.1 cm)

Color: Ranger Green

_ a modern tactical short sleeve button-up 'garage' shirt

_ stretch cotton blend for superior movement/durability

_ flat pockets on sleeves; one arm has split    organizer-pocket for pens, knife, etc.

_ removable collar stays, 2x front button pockets

_ more tailored modern fit patterning, and more

_ has no fuzzy loop for an urban look

_ front pockets: ~5.2" L x 3.9" W (13.2 x 9.8 cm)


_ 1x Removable collar stays

Specs & Dims

Care Instructions Wash: machine ok, permanent press/wrinkle resistant setting in cold water; Bleach: non-chlorine only; Dryer: permanent press, low heat; Iron: ok on low heat.

Main Material Stretch Cotton Blend

Size Chart


S35 - 37.529 - 3235 - 37.5

M37.5 - 4132 - 3537.5 - 41

L41 - 4435 - 3841 - 44

XL44 - 48.538 - 4344 - 47

XXL48.5 - 53.543 - 47.547 - 50.5

XXXL53.5 - 5847.5 - 52.550.5 - 53.5


Number of Pockets 4

Design Simi Valley, California - In-House Team.

Manufacturing Imported