Jeep Molded Storage Headliners Front Set

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All JL/Gladiator

The Jeep JL's roof panels get hot and cold while giving you no sunroof- use them for storage while adding excellent insulation with our revolutionary molded headliners. Competing designs are just flat material sheets with thin thermal padding and sometimes mil-spec molle positions for accessories. Ours is a two piece thermo-molded foam construction that contours to the 3-d shape of the roof panels to utilize the full space available there for internal storage. We use our patented hard-molle modular channels on the outside for adding pouches and other accessories on a hard surface. The top portion is a solid foam for rigidity and low profile, while the part you see is a squishy foam that offers better acoustic, thermal and head-protection qualities. Together they provide maximum heat/cold reduction and kill the hollow echo Jeeps are famous for instantly, for better in-car conversation and phone calls. One or our HardPoint® ports allows you to add loops, but more importantly our Beacon Lights to use over the shoulder for night-time reading and navigation, with red-light to preserve night-adapted vision. With these and many more features, we're confident this is the most innovative Jeep Wrangler/Gladiator JL roof liner available by a wide margin. Coming soon for Ford Bronco and Hummer EV.


Overall Dimensions (each individual Headliner):
~18.8" L x 16" W x 2" D (47.6 x 40.6 x 5.1 cm)

Product Weight (each individual Headliner):
~2.2 lbs. (35.2 oz)

Color: Black
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_ for adventure, work, survival.

_ molded foam insulates cabin.

_ best thermal protection on the market.

_ zippered, big interior cargo space.

​_ YKK zippers are lock capable for security or ccw.

_ ​zipper pulls hide behind front roof-panel release.

_ our patented, rigid, mil-spec webbing.

_ fuzzy covered molle for patches and beacon.

_ lots of fuzzy loop on front for trail patches or our i.d. holder windows, etc.

_ attach pouches for multitools, lights, medical etc.

_ ¼ 20 holes for adding camera-type accessories.

_ inner fuzzy liner for accessories like our Stick-Up® holsters.

_ uses our mil-spec patented hard-molle modular channel system.

_ our HardPoint® expansion port x1 for lights, loops, etc.

_ carry handle for use as a go-bag.

_ use as emergency bag w/ our optional shoulder strap.

_ 3M Velcro® strips sewn into top.

_ molded top fits thicker objects.

_ loops to optionally double-secure to panel lock-latches.

_ unique molded hard back half conforms to Wrangler ceiling.

_ adds head protection in rough terrain or roll-over.

_ windshield sunshade when flipped all the way down.

_ note: accessories like pouches, light etc. sold separately.

Specs & Dims

Care Instructions See product tag

Main Material Molded foam and high-quality Nylon

Number of Pockets 1

Design Simi Valley, California - In-House Team.

Manufacturing Imported


1. Remove your truck’s roof panels, placing on a clean, soft surface.

2. Thoroughly clean the surface of oil, dust, etc. Test cleaning agents, verifying no adverse effects on truck panels - citrus cleaners are not recommended. Isopropyl alcohol is usually sufficient. Verify panel is 100% dry before adhesion!

Important for Full-Strength Adhesion: VELCRO® Brand Adhesive 19 requires installation in indoor spaces free of dust, and at 59°F-79°F/15°C-26°C with relative humidity 40%-60% (lower humidity makes better bond.) Adhesive applied <10°C/50°F may not bond properly. If applied in lower temperatures, warm the substrate and adhesive.

3. Do not peel apart the hook side and loop side strips for perfect alignment. Unzip one panel so you can feel the inner contours. Now peel the release films from both adhesive strips and place the headliner with the zipper hinge all the way towards the windshield/straight side of the truck panel. Verify the headliner is perfectly in line with the panel contours before you stick it down in one motion. Press firmly back and forth for at least 2 minutes across panel channels to establish adhesion and remove any air spaces. Zip the headliner back up. Repeat for any other panels.

4. Cure before use! Don’t load or pull for 24-30 hours to achieve full bonding strength. Minimize peeling the headliner off the truck ceiling hook and loop strip - frequent peeling will reduce the adhesive performance.

Operating Temperature Range: -40°C to 85°C/-40°F-185°F

Note: Pressure sensitive adhesive products are not permanent bonds so performance may vary or diminish depending on the environment and usage.

5. CRITICAL! Loop each of the 4 corner cord loops around all 4 truck panel locks to ensure a hard stop for the headliner independent of the hook and loop adhesive strips as the panel resides overhead in an operating vehicle. Also, avoid mounting hard/heavy objects to the modular strips as they could cause injury in a collision, roll-over, or aggressive driving.

Customer Reviews

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Thomas Kelly
Love these

These are one of the coolest products for Jeeps. Really glad I went with these instead of acoustic headliners! I like the look and the functionality.

Mark Long

Was easy to install and fits perfectly. Should be able to access my pistol quickly.

Great product

High quality and look really good

Brandon Russell
Great idea!

Love this product! Practical and durable. Great mutlipurpose design. Easy install on only takes a few minutes.

Micah Haverland
Great product, watch out for customs

Product is great quality. Very well made. If your Canadian watch out for customs. Has to pay an extra $82. Bought it on sale for $180us and pretty much was a wash. Now it’s even cheaper. Another almost $35 off. Which I waited the extra two weeks. Would’ve almost covered customs. 😕