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stop gap-1 pack of 2

HardPoint® is a series of accessories that screw into our double grommets and provide various functionality from adding loops, valves, wire passages, and lights, to mounting extra pouches and utility panels. They will work on any of our hard shells and soft bag grommets (and on molle webbing!) And how did we solve the problem of the too-hard-hardware? We use rubbery polymer backers inside the bag which also have plugs to cover the screws/nuts! We think this will be an innovative new concept and is a patent-pending device set unique to Hazard 4®.

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_ 2x Stop Gap-1 (HardPoint™ nuts and screws are sold separately)

Color: Black
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_ provides functionality from adding loops, valves, wire passages, and lights, to mounting

   extra pouches and utility panels.

_ can be used to create bungee/paracord retention zig-zags, clipping off ice axes, or

   attaching carabiners, etc.

_ SG (Stop Gap) are soft rubbery internal loops that won't hurt the user (or the items

   inside their bag).

_ the inner and outer pieces can be swapped inside or outside a bag. For use with

   HardPoint™ nuts and screws (sold separately).


_ 2x Stop Gap-1

Specs & Dims

External Size 2.36” L
x 0.87” (1.3" inc. handle) W x 0.08” (0.3" inc. nipple) D; 6 cm L x 2.2
cm (3.3 cm inc. handle) W x 0.2 cm (0.8 cm inc. nipple) D

Care Instructions See product tag

Design Simi Valley, California - In-House Team.

Manufacturing Imported


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The Disavowed

For the exterior of a compatible bag/pack, I could see these being useful, although you'd probably want something a bit more ridged. I purchased mine to go on the interior of a pillbox, since I already purchased the rails and molle for the exterior. Unfortunately, I found them to be a waste. For the price of 6, there are so many other things that I could have done (and probably will do) that would have been more useful. That said, they're still decent quality, and I'm not unhappy with my purchase.